Piano Lessons

Piano Hands

"No other acoustic instrument can match the piano's expressive range, and no electric instrument can match its mystery."   — Kenneth Miller

Well structured Children Piano Lessons is a key to successful piano learning.
Here is the list of tasks that I would be working on with you or your child:

  • singing simple melodies with words (to be applied only with a beginner child)
  • playing those melodies on the piano
  • teaching the piano keys
  • teaching the musical alphabet
  • teaching about rhythm and the beat
  • teaching the posture in front of the piano
  • helping to develop musical ear
  • other technical aspects of the piano playing

I would teach you or your child not only how to play the piano but also to play with emotion and expressiveness. I will teach you or your child the musical alphabet, guide him or her with exercises to improve their motor skills, quality of playing, reading notes and translating them into keys.

My piano lessons help students to develop discipline, ability to study, and overcome obstacles during the piano learning process.

In my teaching, there is a formula that I follow for young beginners. It is SEE - HEAR (SING) - PLAY. It is important for a child to hear the music that he or she would learn and understand how to express it, before the notes of that music can be learned and memorized. Before a student starts learning a song, it is played to him or her, then we sing it, and finally the student would go over the keys and try to play it. By learning to sing a new song first, it helps students to recognize future note-reading mistakes and significantly improves the learning process. Singing songs also helps in developing an ear for music and facilitates the musical expression of the song on the piano. There are certain words in the song that are used to recognize the dynamic movement of the musical piece.
I also encourage students to come up with their own songs, which helps them develop their musical creativity and makes piano playing fun and enjoyable.